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Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (Musac)

January 28 – June 3  2012

Part of a group show One Sixth of the Earth curated by Mark Nash.


This projection space built for the show follows the idea of an Open Form – a linear display system assembled out of modular walls and enclosures that would grow linearly through the exhibition space. In the end, only a cinema space, a small sequence of the line, was built.

The concept of an Open Form was proposed in the early 1950s by a designer, architect and artist Oskar Hansen as a cognitive framework focused on possibilities of a future urban development. One of Hansen’s proposals was a Linear Continuous System (LCS), which in his words is “a method for managing processes occurring in spatial development systems in a planned economy – including a harmonious transition from the existing system to the new one – on a basis of a flexible, proportional co-dependance of alternating servicing and service zones”. In Hansen’s vision such linear, continuous cities would optimize communication, logistic and offer better living standards.


Courtesy of Galerija Gregor Podnar; photography by Thorsten Henn.