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Villa Lunatica, Stromboli & Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka

July 27 – 29  &  February 2 – 10,  2018

Volcano Extravaganza – Total Anastrophes

Group show curated by Milovan Ferronato with Runa Islam

Reconfigurable display system of bamboo/arundo and textile structures assembled as a performance and projection space for eighth edition of Volcano Extravaganza featuring works of Runa Islam, Cecilia Bengolea, Haroon Mirza, Alex Ciccheti, Patrizio diMassimo and others. Engaging with the epic nature of Stromboli’s landscape – first in Dhaka without the talisman of its active volcano –  and finally in front of Fiorucci Art Trust’s Villa Lunatica on the cliffs of Stromboli; invoking themes of isolation and distance; memory and mysticism; cosmic energy and the violence of nature; improvisation and theatre; and exploring the possibilities of reclaiming the setting within a shifting contexts.